We offer Boeing 737-800, Airbus A320 and Sukhoi Superjet 100 mobile simulators for delivery. All of our simulators are fully compliant with the respective specifications.

Panoramic cabin glazing is a high-tech 3D video system that allows you to reproduce images of an existing landscape in various weather conditions.

It’s possible to have up to 4 people in the cockpit at the same time (2 pilots and 2 passengers).


We offer MiG-29 and Su-35 flight simulators for delivery. Mi-8 and Mi-26 helicopter simulators are also available, with interiors that are authentically recreated to meet specific modifications.

The simulators are built with a fully functional aerobatics unit, complemented by a powerful warhead that uses the full range of airborne guns – firing toward air, ground and sea targets.

Flight simulators are developed taking into account all requirements of the ICAO 9625 standard.


When simulating military equipment, there can be no shortcuts, nor compromise on any detail or standard. For this reason, we use every possible standard part in our production. The control panel is designed bearing all the necessary communication, control and avionic devices.

The simulator provides for a functional instructor’s workstation, allowing for radio exchange with crew, changing the time of day, weather and atmospheric conditions, alignment of the aircraft, fuel consumption, and so on.

Controls are equipped with force feedback systems to ensure the appropriate loading of levers and pedals.

We use visualization systems containing multi-channel spherical projection, as well as high-performance graphic displays.