tank simulators

Tank simulators can be supplied as paired complexes, consisting of both a driving and a shooting simulator (for practicing the actions of a working tank crew), or such can be supplied as separate units.

Our simulators are equipped with a mobility system that reliably simulates the sensations experienced by the crew of a combat vehicle, such as vibration from the engines, passage of both small and large obstacles, and driving across varying terrain. Modern systems of virtual reality are also applied.


It’s possible to create a single network to simulate individual tank battles (fully crewed) or to practice the military actions of a tank group against enemy forces. The instructor’s workspace is supplied directly with the simulator. The simulator provides visualization of the tankodrome, in addition to the performance of preparatory functions, training, as well as test and control exercises while driving.

All sessions are recorded for further analysis and for the repair of any bugs.

Several modes to choose from: together against enemy forces, or against each other.

Terrain maps are custom-tailored for each customer.

Training and combat exercises can be conducted in various weather conditions.

Visualization system / cab mounted on a moveable platform.